Thursday, March 26, 2015


As you know, MAPS.ME data source is OpenStreetMap project, which is free, open-source and world-wide. The main bonus that we get is a possibility to have details that we can’t find in other map sources. Who else can show you fountains, benches and even trees? Not to mention the wide rank of different venues and objects that are marked carefully on OSM. 

But these maps are not only useful for travelers and locals in their trips and everyday life — these maps can save lives. And this is not a metaphor. How it could be? Please read further.


A huge number of different settlements still remain a blank spot on the world map. They are extremely exposed to disasters and no one knows how numerous they are. Organizations that help these areas have to buy photocopies of local maps or use satellite maps without streets and even towns mentioned on them. Obviously, they also have to ask locals for help. Everytime they waste time trying to find the place they need, and each minute of delay costs life to somebody. 

People in Europe or USA can’t imagine their day without maps, but when a doctor of Red Cross ask a survivor from unknown place where his home is, and he hears, for example, “Bobere”, he never knows, if it is a street, a village or maybe an area. 

The Missing Maps project is a genius answer to this problem. It unites Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Red Cross, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and other participants to create free maps for each settlement on Earth.


HOT invented a method, which is simple and allows to join the project remotely. The first step is to get satellite images. Sometimes they are received from unexpected sources like USA government or Microsoft. Then pictures become available in OpenStreetMap, so volunteers from all over the world can join and help to literally trace the outlines of buildings, roads, parks and rivers. Thus they get a digital city map, though yet basic.

Then the map, which still lacks street and landmarks names is printed out. It’s time for volunteers who are physically located in the area. They take pencils, printed maps and start to write down names in every little part of the mentioned place. The completed maps return back to Missing Maps HQ where they are filled on OSM. As a result, there is a free and open-source map for any needs. Now doctors and help teams don’t lose time to find a place they need, they spend this time to help. This means more people can be rescued and cured.


Before and after ... Monrovia, Liberia now has a free digital map to help the fight against Ebola, thanks to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
“Maps make us think of things like finding a restaurant on the web or navigating with a satnav,” says Harry Wood, a member of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team board. “But somebody also used a map for deciding which road the bus route should go down, and deciding where the road should be in the first place. When you think about it, maps are a basic fundamental knowledge tool, woven into our urban environment, and silently improving our lives in all sorts of ways.”

Thursday, February 12, 2015


St Valentine’s Day is the second best day (according to Chillisauce) to propose to the most important person of your life. It’s rather obvious - romance is very much in the air on the Day of Love. Choosing a place to propose is probably as much important as choosing a wedding ring. Paris, Venice, Juliet’s House in Verona and numerous islands are the most popular travel destinations to ask the most important question of your life. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to say “Will you marry me?” in some kind of ordinary place, here is Top 5 world’s unusual places to propose which you can find with the help of MAPS.ME.

Taj Mahal (India)

Taj Mahal was built as a symbol of a boundless love of Shah Jahan to his wife Mumtaz Mahal, a persian princess. The strongest feeling inspired the ruler to construct one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Romantic stories and awesome views generally make us want to be a hero of our own love story, so your Chosen One will definitely agree to spent a whole life with you.

Waitomo Glow Worm Caves (New Zealand)

Dark caves are probably not very romantic places unless it is covered inside with… glow worms! Those creatures flicker mysteriously which turns a dark place into beautiful breathtaking canvas. It’s better than a night sky full of stars, believe us. Amused by such a scene your partner will have no words except YES!

Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

If your Beloved likes fairy tales or is fond of stunning views, the perfect place to make a proposal is a Neuschwanstein Castle. Not mentioning the landscape, the castle is so amazing itself, that Walt Disney chose it to be the Sleeping Beauty Castle and later, similar structures. Remember that fairy tales always have a happy end. 

Stairway to heaven (Hawaii)

The stairs that ascend up and down the mountains seem as if they would lead the way up to Heaven. Guess what was the reason to name this place as it is. The beauty of the surroundings would blow away anyone’s mind. But be extremely attentive: enter to the Haiku Stairs may be prohibited because of some reconstruction. If you both will climb these long, long stairs, who on Earth would be able to prevent you from living happily ever after like in Heaven? We believe it’s a brilliant place to start your long way together.

Ice Hotel (Sweden)

Using 31,000 tonnes of ice and snow from the nearby frozen Torne River, this Ice hotel was one of the first of its kind when it was originally built in 1990. Each year it opens in December before melting away in the middle of April. So you have a wonderful chance to say important words on Feb. 14, until the hotel is gone again. The houses made of ice are as unusual as cold, but that’s where hearts are melting for sure. Besides, if your fiancé(e) agrees to stay with you in such a frozen place for the whole night, why not spending the whole life together? :)

Monday, February 9, 2015


2015 is rushing forward and we can look back at the previous year with pride and gratification. We’ve also gathered some statistics on the app, which surprised us a lot. So we decided to share it with you. 


1. As you might remember, at the very end of 2014 MAPS.ME became free (costed $4.99 before). At that period MAPS.ME community was about 7 million users. Now we’re happy to state that just in 6 weeks MAPS.ME userbase grew twice and became more than 14 million! Thanks for supporting us!

2. In 2014 our users saved 140 TB of traffic, 80TB of roaming traffic included! That means that MAPS.ME users saved over $50 million in roaming (based on average fees for 1 MB of roaming).

3. Last year 11 million maps of different countries were downloaded. 

4. Top 10 locations by number of installs being Russia, the USA, Germany, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, UK, Brazil, Spain, Japan, France. Not surprisingly, people prefer to download maps of neighbour countries. By the way, MAPS.ME is one of the top rated apps in the Travel category in more than 100 countries.


5. OpenStreetMap community where MAPS.ME take maps, has grown exponentially to 1.8 million members for now. That means maps in the app become more detailed and we all get better maps with each passing day.

All these numbers are an excellent proof of your trust to MAPS.ME, therefore we can’t but appreciate this fact and all of your positive emotions that we receive daily via our social pages, emails and reviews on the stores. Thanks so much to all of you, guys!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year to All Our Users!

Today we’ll bid farewell to 2014 and meet new 2015 year. December 31 is a perfect day to sum up everything we achieved this year. Let’s go through the brightest moments of 2014 together:

  • MapsWithMe changed its name to MAPS.ME
  • We released 2 major features - address search and offline route planning
  • 11 new travel guides GuideWithMe released
  • MAPS.ME became part of Mail.Ru Group and all the team moved to Moscow
  • The app went free
  • Our user base reached 10 million people.

We have big plans for 2015 and hope you’ll stay with us to reach new heights together. May all your Christmas and New Year wishes come true! Happy New Year!

MAPS.ME team

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Full Version of MAPS.ME Becomes Free and Open Source

MAPS.ME Pro that used to cost $5 in now available at no charge on all app stores. The full version will be called simply MAPS.ME and will replace the Lite version that has been removed from the stores.

If you haven’t bought the app by now, you’re lucky, as users can now access all great features such as offline search, bookmarks and route planning for free. Besides, the app will become open source in 2015.

A few days ago Google Play included MAPS.ME in its list of The Best Apps of 2014

Now this must-have app is free:

Get it now and tell your friends!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mail.Ru Group, One of the Largest Internet Companies in Europe, Acquires MAPS.ME

We are happy to announce that MAPS.ME app has become part of Mail.Ru Group, a leading internet company in the Russian-speaking markets and one of the largest IT-companies in Europe. The acquisition will enable, the company’s brand focused on global audiences, to offer additional services to its users and further accelerate its global expansion.

“Mail.Ru Group is a natural fit for MAPS.ME, they completely share our vision of open data and its role in the development of innovative technology,” said Yury Melnichek, Co-Founder and CEO of MAPS.ME. “Further, the millions of Mail.Ru and users around the globe will now have direct access to our product, allowing for more contributors, and ultimately, a better user experience.”

MAPS.ME team will join Group and will continue to work on perfecting the app. The acquisition not only allows developers to implement planned features within short period of time, but also offers an opportunity to make MAPS.ME one of the most popular mapping services and increase popularity of OpenStreetMap.

Mail.Ru Group is a leading Internet company in the high-growth Russian-speaking Internet markets (Russia is Europe's largest Internet market measured by the number of users, comScore). The Company owns Russia’s leading email service and one of Russia’s largest internet portals, Mail.Ru. The Company operates all three of the Russian language social networks, Vkontakte (VK), Odnoklassniki (OK) and Moi Mir (My World), and Russia’s largest online games business. In 2013 Mail.Ru Group launched its first global project that provides a suite of communication and entertainment apps.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Create Routes and Use New Maps Downloader?

Although both routing and new map downloader have always been two most required features by our users, question may still appear on how to use them. We did our best to provide you with the simple and user-friendly interface, however, some additional instruction will do no harm.

  1. Map Downloader

Prior to using routing you need to update the maps. Go to Download Maps menu and you’ll see a new list called Downloaded Maps. Here you can see all maps you have downloaded to your device, update them and delete unnecessary maps.

You can update all maps by one button Update All. Please note that in order to use the routing feature you need to download additional data for each map file. We did our best to make these files as small as possible to save memory space on your device, but you can still choose whether to download them or not.

  1. Routing

To create a route you need to tap on the Geolocation button and wait till the app determines your location. Then you need to find your point of destination (either on the map or using search) and tap on that place. At the top of the screen you’ll see the place page with a Car icon. Tap on this Car icon to create a route. When you’re ready to start driving, click on the Go! button and follow the route.

You can plan routes only within one map file (country/region/state) and only from your current location. In the future releases we’ll add the possibility to create routes from any point on the map. Please note that you can’t fully rely on the route offered by any software, including MAPS.ME. You need to take various factors into consideration, such as traffic, road works and road signs. Offline routing is a great help, but you need to always rely on yourself more than on any application to plan the most convenient route.

Please share what do you think about new features with us!