Friday, December 16, 2011

MapsWithMe 2.0 is out!

Several months ago, we have released MapsWithMe — an offline mapping program for iPhone and iPad. That version realised the initial promise of our technology: for the first time, you could take maps for the whole world, download them all onto your phone, and access them anywhere — even in places where the network access is unavailable and prohibitively expensive.

We were happy to see that our program received a lot of interest — we've almost hit 100k downloads, and has received very good reviews. So we worked hard on improving it, and the results of that work are here!

First of all, we have hugely improved our map styling. We now have a much nicer color scheme, clearer icons, and in general, we think that the map now looks much nicer and more readable. We have also worked on rendering speed to make the application smoother to use. We have improved our compression algorithms and reduced the data by 1/4 — so that the downloads are smaller and take less space on your device. The biggest countries, such as USA, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Russia were split by regions, states and provinces. Under the hood, we have done lots of bug fixes and improvements that are just too numerous to mention. One thing is missing in this version — the travel guide. We weren't able to include it for technical reasons, but we'll try to fix this in the foreseeable future.

Of course, we have lots of plans for the future — a version for Android, improvements in the map style, and lots of better ways to find your way around. And in the spirit of MapsWithMe, you can follow us anywhere — on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or directly at our blog.

So, thank you all for using MapsWithMe — and enjoy the new version! To get the new and improved offline maps with you — search for MapsWithMe in the AppStore, or visit us at