Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free offline maps with you at any point of the world. Now on Android!

MapsWithMe app, offering free offline maps, is available on Android Market. Now Android smartphone owners can locate their position on the map being offline at any point on the earth.

MapsWithMe is a tool that helps travel with full confidence. What travelers, setting out on a journey, should do is just to install the application and get instant access to the maps of the countries they are going to visit.

“Instant” here means instant indeed. The app’s know-how is in a special map data compressing method that allows downloading maps in seconds. For example, the size of the full maps of Switzerland is just 52MB, and only 173MB – of Italy. The map data comes from the open source initiative, OpenStreetMap, and is being updated through massive online collaboration, with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

The major advantage of the app is that users can work with the maps without any Internet connection, after the maps have been downloaded to their smartphones. So locating the nearest restaurant in Paris or a public WiFi hotspot in London becomes a really easy task with GPS positioning and compass supported by the app. And no payment is required for mobile roaming.

MapsWithMe is also available for iPhone users on the App Store. As to the next releases, we are already working on new features such as search, bookmarking places, and integration with other data sources.