Thursday, November 1, 2012

Version 2.2 of MapsWithMe for iOS and Android is out!

We are glad to announce the new 2.2 version of our application for Android and iOS – better, faster version with all benefits of version 2.1 and important new functions. In both versions we updated all maps, fixed reported bugs and applied better search algorithm – it allows more convenient search for specific places or streets in any city. Then, we have amazing new features for iOS and Android versions...



1) Bookmarks (only in Pro). You can add colored pins to any places you like, give them custom names and organize bookmarks in sets, like, “My places”, “Dining”, “Open 24/7” or “Must visit in Barcelona!”
2) More convenient map downloading. Now you can download map of any country after zooming on it. Besides, we fixed all found map downloading issues reported by our users.
3) Important local changes. Thanks to our users, MapsWithMe is also available in Czech, Dutch and Ukrainian languages. Besides, we improved presentation of USA states borders and road exit numbers.



1) Map rotation and auto-follow mode (only in Pro) To explore the area more thoroughly, you can use auto-follow rotate mode and manual rotation. When the auto rotate mode is on, the map automatically orients itself to the direction you are moving. You can also rotate the map manually by swiveling your fingers.
2) In version 2.2 you can choose where to store your maps: in the phone memory or on the SD card. Select your choice in Settings menu or in Download settings.
3) Now we support x86 Android devices, for example:
ZTE Grand X IN
Lenovo LePhone K800
Motorola RAZR i
Orange San Diego

We hope our new features will enrich your experience with MapsWithMe and help you in your journeys around the world!

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