Thursday, May 16, 2013

Offline Location Sharing: from Saving Money to Saving Lives

Hi everyone, there is something I want to share ;-)

We have added the location sharing feature in the last update for iOS and Android. Now it is possible to share the current location or send a pin of any place on the map while both sides are offline.

MapsWithMe was founded with a mission to address all offline mapping needs of travelers. The application already has a set of features which allow users to navigate the map without being concerned about an internet connection or high roaming charges. Among these features are: offline search, bookmark placement, GPS positioning, map auto-rotation, etc.

Location sharing may become one of the most valuable features for travelers who now will be able to text a pin on the map via SMS. The recipient does not need an internet connection to open the link and see the pin. All one needs is to have MapsWithMe offline maps installed and GSM enabled to get a message.

There are various situations when the offline location sharing is in great demand: from very common cases like sharing a hotel or restaurant address while travelling abroad to extreme ones like tourists lost in mountains letting the rest of the group know their current position. Therefore, this feature helps save not only time and money, but it can even save lives.

Our team believes the location sharing feature will be admired by our users, and we are working on new updates to make travel experiences safer and more comfortable.

Alex Zolotarev