Thursday, July 25, 2013

2M downloads milestone. Time to take a look back

Hey, friends!

We are happy to announce that MapsWithMe hits 2 million downloads milestone! It happened faster than we expected. While we needed a year and a half to reach our first million, it took us just 6 months to reach the second one.

This event for us is like a child's birthday. They grew up, they learn a lot and can do so much, and it seems it has been always like that. And only on birthdays you realize how many things have changed. So let’s see what kind of changes have happened to MapsWithMe from the time of its first downloads in 2011 to the latest version.

- Firstly, the maps styles have changed. We strive to ensure that our maps are clear, crisp and intuitive, and we continue improvements.

- The initial version had maps and GPS positioning only. Since then we have added a number of useful features, such as offline search, bookmarks, map rotation, sharing, and others.

- Even though the maps have become more detailed and functional, they are 3 times faster. We are so proud to get reviews from our users stating that MapsWithMe are the fastest offline maps.

- We have released the API, and now third-party developers can use MapsWithMe offline maps within their applications.

- Our team has grown. Now it consists of 13 people, great professionals and wonderful people.

We are constantly receiving a lot of emails with users’ wishes and suggestions. We listen to them and transform them into our plans. Thank you for your help, stay with us, and be prepared for new exciting features!