Friday, July 12, 2013

MapsWithMe API is launched

The outside mobile app developers now have the opportunity to build into their programs maps working without an Internet connection.

MapsWithMe API screenshot
MapsWithMe enables users to open offline maps from the app, add their own markers to the map, receive information about the marker, and return to the starting point. API works on iOS and Android devices.

Android API           iOS API 

API is completely free, allowed for personal and commercial uses. It’s based on OpenStreeMap data and doesn’t contain ads. To use MapsWithMe API users should install MapsWithMe app (both Lite and Pro MapsWithMe versions support API calls).

To demonstrate how API works, Google Play now has an app called “World Capitals on offline maps” which will let the developers see all the functions in action. The team of MapsWithMe is planning not to stop with the current API version and to keep adding new capabilities regularly.
World Capitals on offline maps screenshots
The maps of MapsWithMe are maps of the whole world based on the cartographic data from the open source OpenStreetmap. The main advantage of MapsWithMe is the unique data compression technology. Thanks to that, the app makes it possible to download a map of the whole country instead of one city at a time; at the same time, the maps are characterized by a high level of detail and high speed of operation.