Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Got tired enough of everyday routine, 12 members of our MapsWithMe team decided to escape from city life and devote their time and talents to a brand new project. The trip was planned not only for changing working atmosphere, but for having fun and spending a really great time together.

 Our week-long travel has started and the adventure spirit can be felt. We decided to share some photos, so you can join and get inspired with us.

Who we are? 8 encouraged developers, 3 marketers and the team mascot. Also we took our friend with us – a big dog Buks. He knows how to eat bugs, smell flowers and beg food during meals!

Today we found mushrooms in the forest and looking
forward evening to try mushroom soup.

We’ve stayed in a big village house totally made of wood, and the forest smell could be easily smelt inside. There is sauna, Ping-Pong table, billiards and plenty of other activities, the house is located near the lake, so MapsWithMe team members have a chance to upgrade their swimming skills and to choose the best jumper.

The guy who creates map styles inside the app took a challenge and was riding more than 60 km to get here.

In the beginning there were some problems with the internet connection. You can see how we tried to fix it. :)

Spending lots of time together in discussions and group work, we created our own offline task manager, and have lots of thing to do.

Coming to an outstanding place for work, we have fresh ideas and inspiration for its realization. Working hard, we do our best and looking forward new release.