Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let GuideWithMe be your personal guide for travelling around the world

MapsWithMe has shared the passion for offline maps with more than 2 500 000 travelers worldwide and the team continues to expand the range of supported travel guides to make the self-arranged trips more enjoyable. This time 11 offline travel guides about the most popular countries have been released and continue to cover the entire world.

While preparing the data for travel guide apps, our whole team was convinced again how diverse and unique each country and city is. And we can’t help to share our delight with you. Please, let us invite you to our virtual journey around GuideWithMe and the World.

Each guide article starts with the travel info about the country/city, which provides a first glance of what awaits you at the destination.

General info is followed by detailed information divided into categories (understand, get around, sleep, eat etc.) Climate, history, cultural  info is listed in the UNDERSTAND section. Here you can find everything from the layout of a Japanese Sento to the most important festival of Lights in Lyon, France.

For those who are still choosing their destination, the info regarding the ways you can enter the country and guidance on how to apply for a visa can become priceless in the decision making process. To visit Russia, for instance, you can review a lengthy paragraph about applying for a visa and entry procedures or just wait for a “visa-free” regime, which is scheduled to be introduced for visitors from all nations for the duration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Now we are moving on to the by far the most pleasant part of any journey:  EAT and DRINK sections. With the GuidesWithMe app you can get acquainted virtually with the specialties available in Spain, to the most popular Japanese cuisine and regional German dishes.

Many articles are written by inspiring writers; therefore you will be able to find the multiple listings for some locations for the suggested restaurants. Similar listings are provided for hotels and accommodations.

Different activities and places worth discovering are included the info SEE, LEARN and DO categories. Find addresses of English-friendly culinary school in Paris, choose among the destination to hike in Hawaii or take one of the suggested walks in San Francisco.

Articles end with the contact information for the embassies, tips on how to stay healthy and safe and recommendations on where to go next.

We hope you’d have a great time with GuideWithMe.

Please check whether the guide for your travel destination is available on our web site GuideWithMe.
All guides are free and work offline.

Enjoy your travels!