Thursday, December 5, 2013

MapsWithMe app is pre-installed on each YotaPhone device

Up until now, the only way to get MapsWithMe app installed on any smartphone was to download it via one of the app stores. And it was easy to do because the app is distributed on the most popular markets: Google Play, Apple Appstore, Amazon Store, Samsung Apps ... the full list can be found here. But now there is another way to get the app. It’s not the cheapest way, but it’s very convenient: MapsWithMe app now comes preloaded on each YotaPhone device.

YotaPhone is the first “always on” Dual-Screen Android smartphone, which was designed to solve the most common problem encountered by most current smartphones users - “always-dark” screen. The concept of the phone is to save the phone’s battery life by displaying the info users need on the second E-Ink screen.

MapsWithMe team really liked the idea of featuring the maps on the E-Ink screen, so we started preparing the special YotaPhone MapsWithMe app.

This is how we show the map without waking up the phone.
When the app is launched, on the main screen you see a common map view. By tapping the icon in the top right corner, you transfer this map view back to the E-Ink screen. Turn the phone and the optimized map is displayed.  Now, you can lock the main screen and use the map view displayed on the second screen only.


The current location cursor is updated periodically. This frequency of update can be changed in the app settings. In order to optimize battery usage, we recommend that you choose the lowest update frequency. There, you can also find help notes for back screen gestures. 

YotaPhone’s MapsWithMe app is a kind of mixture of the features in the Lite and Pro versions. You can find your current location, download an unlimited number of maps and save any place as a bookmark.

So following the idea that Yota Devices has invented not just a new phone, but a new way of using the info, the MapsWithMe app will surely become not just the maps which work offline but which also take advantage of the low-power screen.