Friday, April 11, 2014

MapsWithMe is Now Available for Download from BlackBerry World

Until today only owners of devices with iOS and Android OS could use offline maps MapsWithMe. But we receive lots of emails from other OS users who asked us to expand the app’s presence on the mobile market. Finally, the day has come: MapsWithMe app has been released for smartphones running BlackBerry OS. 

MapsWithMe has been customized for BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 and is already available for download from BlackBerry World

BlackBerry users can enjoy the maps’ functionality in full, including maps of all countries of the world, search function, possibility to add and edit bookmarks and auto-follow mode. Here at MapsWithMe we’re very excited about the news and hope that the app will become as popular among BlackBerry users as it has already become among Android and iOS users. 

Please share your comments with us via email: We’re still working on the Blackberry version of MapsWithMe to make it perfect and will be grateful for your patience and assistance.