Thursday, June 26, 2014

3 Unusual Cases of MapsWithMe Use

While receiving dozens of letters from our beloved users every day, we deal not only with usual questions, but also with some great cases of MapsWithMe use. Thus we want to share some of the most unusual stories from our users with you.

1. Teacher from Denmark made all kids in her class install MapsWithMe before a school trip to Berlin. She then pinned all the places the class was going to see and all the meeting points so that kids could easily find their way in a big foreign city.

2. One of our users enjoys flying a hot air baloon. He uses MapsWithMe to see his location while flying and asked us to put property lines on the map to see sections of property where landing is prohibited for one reason or another.

3. The most thrilling case is about the Philippines. After a series of natural disasters the country was almost completely destroyed. OpenStreetMap contributors did a great job to put all the changes on the map that were then reflected in the MapsWithMe app. As after the typhoon a great part of the Philippines was left without the Internet connection, offline maps served well for people who were rebuilding the damaged houses.

So as you see, people use MapsWithMe app not only to find their location while traveling or to find nearby shops in the hometown, but for various different purposes that we couldn’t even imagine. Do you have your own stories about unusual use of the app? Please share them with us in the comments!