Monday, June 16, 2014

MapsWithMe is a Sponsor of SOTM-EU 2014

MapsWithMe became a sponsor of State of the Map Europe 2014 conference that was held in Karlsruhe, Germany, on June 13-15.

SotM-EU is an OpenStreetMap conference organized by and for the European OpenStreetMap community. As all map data for MapsWithMe is taken from OpenStreetMap, we’re highly interested in development of the community. MapsWithMe team often takes part in OSM events, and this year we decided to go further and to become a sponsor of the conference.

Lectures on different sides of OpenStreetMap - technical, community, and user - were accompanied by networking, talks and discussions. We not only introduced MapsWithMe to most active members of European OpenStreetMap community, but also learnt a lot from them. MapsWithMe team has big plans for the app development and we left SOTM-EU with lots of new ideas. We are definitely going to further work together with OSM to make the world a better place!