Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Holiday Season and 12 Brand New Travel Guides from GuideWithMe

No matter whether you are going to Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia, GuideWithMe will take care of you. We released 12 fresh travel guides based on Wikivoyage to cover everything a wise traveler needs. 

The new batch of guides can be divided into 2 categories - a European one and an Asian one. Now you can safely travel across Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Czech Republic. 

In case you want to travel farther to the East, check out guides of Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The style of our guides hasn’t changed. You can still find there all the necessary information about new countries - from recommendations on local food to sightseeings and health tips. The info is updated by aspiring travelers and adventurous writers.

Only tourists can travel unprepared, a good traveler respects the countries he or she is visiting by thoroughly studying everything about their lifestyle, culture and traditions. Please, be wise travelers and take GuideWithMe to your inspiring and adventurous journeys!