Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hackathon in Montenegro: Work?.. Vacation? And Yet It’s Work

What prevents us from being productive most of all? Fatigue and humdrum. We thought that fresh ideas come with the change of scenery and decided to change that very scenery. We didn’t think over destination much, as we were about to change the app’s name from MapsWithMe to MAPS.ME and our new domain name me was a hint - Montenegro it is! (.ME is a domain for Montenegro).

It was decided to combine business with pleasure and devote the upcoming trip to developing a new important feature. Which one? This time we found the answer in hundreds of letters from you, dear users, - navigation. Or rather routing, as it is not navigation in the full sense of the word yet. 

So, suitcases packed, office in Minsk closed and then MapsWithMe team is over the clouds looking forward to see the see and feel warm sun. It must be said that Montenegro didn’t disappoint us!

View from the window deserves special notice:

You may wonder how work days were organised. We woke up from birdsongs and first sunbeams and went to swim and take a sunbathe. Then the most industrious team members cooked breakfast for everyone and the workday began. The routing team were working up a sweat and (shhhhh! don’t tell anyone - it’s a secret) made significant progress in this task. 

Those developers who weren’t engaged in routing, kept working on their tasks, while girls from the Marketing team were preparing to the upcoming release and change of name for all it was worth.

That’s all about job, but what about rest? We enjoyed all attractions of beautiful Montenegro to the full: juicy fruit, fresh seafood and local wine. We even got the chance to visit two of the most beautiful ancient Montenegrin towns - Budva and Kotor. And the bravest of us even climbed the mountain to enjoy the sunset.

This is the second time MAPS.ME team changed the scene for a hackathon and this method proved to work well again. We not only worked productively, but also got to know each other better. It has been well said that to better know a person, you need to take a journey with him or her.