Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Top-5 Questions About Everything but MapsWithMe

Surprise, surprise: MapsWithMe team reads all your emails. We want to say thank you for sending so many kind words. You can assume that one nice word is a useful line of code in our application, or a cute new icon, and certainly a few smiles.

You learned about unusual letters we receive from one of the previous posts, but more often we get emails with questions. Many of them do not apply to MapsWithMe itself, and answers to them can be easily found on Google. But we still answer them and even collected the most popular questions here to save time of those who have the same problems.

So …

1. My device shows an error No ...

Absolutely all bugs with the number that the system shows have been described on many forums and websites. You should just Google the error number and you’ll get not one, but several solutions to your problem. In addition, most of the errors with no number can also be easily found on the net.

2. Please, correct on the maps ...

All the maps data (objects, boundaries, names, location, etc.) are automatically imported from, a project similar to Wikipedia. Anyone can contribute and add or change any object anywhere in the world. And we only make the application that allows you to easily and conveniently enjoy these maps. We, of course, could also edit the map, but then we'd have no time to update the app. OSM has millions of people, and our team has millions times less.

The same applies to our GuideWithMe. In this case we take the data from, but the principle is the same.

3. I bought the app, I want to install it on another phone, but I was asked to pay again.

Let's investigate. The application is sold through different app stores. Two major stores - iTunes (for all devices with iOS) and Google Play (for any device with Android). There are Samsung Apps (Samsung-only devices), Amazon and some others. In addition, each store operates as an independent unit, they do not have a common base of purchases. 

To let the store recognize you and remember that it was you who made the purchase, enter your username and password that you’ve used to buy the program even if you do it from a different device. When you buy the application, for example, on Google Play, you can download it again for free only on the device that also has a Google Play account. However, other stores, such as iTunes, Samsung Apps or others, will not know about your purchase and will ask you to buy the app again. These are the rules, and developers cannot do anything about it. In general, if you have any problems with buying and downloading the application, the best way is to apply directly to the store support.

4. The application is installed on my phone, and it disappears! I constantly have to install it again.

This error is not uncommon for phones running Android (and only). To fix this, try the following:

a) Remove the application manually (Settings - Applications - MapsWithMe).
b) Go to Settings - Applications - Google Play (or Samsung Apps, depending on what store you’ve used to buy the app) and select "Force Stop," "Clear Cache," "Clear data." Then restart your device and try to install the application again.

5. How can I change the language of the application?

Language of the application automatically matches the selected language of your device. But the inscriptions on the maps depend on See paragraph 2.

Answers to some of your other frequently asked questions are already on our website:
And on our Facebook page:

But if you need any help, we will be very glad to assist.
And thanks for using MapsWithMe!