Friday, July 18, 2014

What’s New in MAPS.ME?

As you already know from the previous post, MapsWithMe changed its name to MAPS.ME and a number of new features have been added to the app. This post is dedicated to explaining the most important of them for you to easily adapt to the updated app.

  • Changes in the user interface

The first thing you notice as you open MAPS.ME is the improved user interface of the app. We took your requests into consideration and added menu buttons to the main screen. Now you can determine your location, search for places and add pins to the map directly from the main screen. 

If you click the fourth button, you’ll see the menu buttons that allow you to download maps, change the app’s settings, share your location and download additional apps, such as offline travel guides.

  • Address search

The main update to the search in MAPS.ME is the ability to search for places by their street address, i.e. street name and house number. Now you can conveniently search for objects by their name (Buckingham Palace), category (shop, theatre, etc.), coordinates (51.515279, 0.132202) and exact address.

To use the address search tap the Search button on the main screen and start typing the street name in the search field. You’ll see suggests that can help you choose the building or the necessary street without typing the whole name. Then you can enter the house’s number and the app will show the exact building.

Please note that you’ll only be able to find buildings with addresses that have been added to If the object is missing or lacks house number, you won’t be able to find it. But you can always go to the and edit the map to make it more accurate and help make MAPS.ME a more useful app.

  • View search results on the map

If you prefer to search for objects by category, you’ll find it useful to see the search results on the map to be able to evaluate the distance. To view the objects on the map, tap the Search button, choose the necessary category (e.g. food) and then press the Search on map button. You’ll see green dots that show all the places belonging to the chosen category.

  • Quick adding of pins

With the new UI it will take you only 2 clicks to put a pin on the map. Simply tap on the place you want to pin and you’ll see a green place page at the top of the screen. To add a pin, press the star sign. If you tap on the place page, you’ll be able to see the place’s coordinates and distance to it, change the pin’s name, change the set it belongs to, the pin color and add a note.

However, if the building you want to pin doesn’t have the address, you’ll need to press it and hold for a second for a place page to appear.

If you want to delete the pin you’ve already added, tap on the pin and press the star sign one more time. The pin will be deleted.

  • Position details - altitude and speed

With the latest update it has become possible to see details of your current location. If you press the My position dot on the map, you’ll see the place page with coordinates, altitude and speed if you’re moving. You can also add the place of your location to bookmarks with one click.

We did our best to make your use of MAPS.ME easier. Hope you’ll enjoy the improvements. Please share your thoughts in comments - we will be happy to get feedback from you.