Thursday, August 28, 2014

What is OpenStreetMap, or How You Can Add Your House to the Map

Most of you are likely to turn to Wikipedia at least once a week. But much less people know that a similar mapping service exists. is a project that allows people like you create the most detailed maps of the whole world. 

We chose to use data as a basis of MAPS.ME for a number of reasons:

- They are very detailed - you can find benches, trees, drinking fountains and other things you’ll never find on other maps. 
- Maps are updated very quickly, new places appear on the map instantly and all changes are reflected within minutes.
- There are hundreds of thousands enthusiasts who are inspired by the desire to map the whole world and this is the future of cartography, we believe. 

As we don’t create maps, we don’t correct errors in names or addresses. We simply wouldn’t have time for the app development if only we corrected every single detail of which you inform us in your letters. 

BUT you yourself can make the app better by registering on and becoming a contributor. It’s very simple, you don’t necessarily need to draw roads, just add your house number or a name and address of your favourite restaurant and the changes will appear in MAPS.ME with the next app update. 

The more users who care, the more detailed the maps are, the more convenient it is for YOU to use MAPS.ME!