Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Create Routes and Use New Maps Downloader?

Although both routing and new map downloader have always been two most required features by our users, question may still appear on how to use them. We did our best to provide you with the simple and user-friendly interface, however, some additional instruction will do no harm.

  1. Map Downloader

Prior to using routing you need to update the maps. Go to Download Maps menu and you’ll see a new list called Downloaded Maps. Here you can see all maps you have downloaded to your device, update them and delete unnecessary maps.

You can update all maps by one button Update All. Please note that in order to use the routing feature you need to download additional data for each map file. We did our best to make these files as small as possible to save memory space on your device, but you can still choose whether to download them or not.

  1. Routing

To create a route you need to tap on the Geolocation button and wait till the app determines your location. Then you need to find your point of destination (either on the map or using search) and tap on that place. At the top of the screen you’ll see the place page with a Car icon. Tap on this Car icon to create a route. When you’re ready to start driving, click on the Go! button and follow the route.

You can plan routes only within one map file (country/region/state) and only from your current location. In the future releases we’ll add the possibility to create routes from any point on the map. Please note that you can’t fully rely on the route offered by any software, including MAPS.ME. You need to take various factors into consideration, such as traffic, road works and road signs. Offline routing is a great help, but you need to always rely on yourself more than on any application to plan the most convenient route.

Please share what do you think about new features with us!