Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MAPS.ME Introduces Route Planning

Today is a big day for all of us. A killer feature you have been waiting since the first version of MAPS.ME was released is finally here. You no longer need Google Maps to plan routes, now you can create routes directly in MAPS.ME!

Although it’s not navigation in the full sense of the word, it’s a big step forward. You can now create a route from your current location to any place you need. So far, you can only plan automobile routes within one map. So if your route lies within one country (or one region/state for large countries, such as Germany or USA), it’s okay. But if you want to create a route from Belgium to the Netherlands, for example, you need to download two map files and create two routes - one to the border with the Netherlands and the other from the border to the point of your destination.

Please notice that we released a beta-version of routing, it means that it may not work perfectly well. We’ll appreciate your comments, suggestions and patience. Our email address is still the same:

But it’s not the only great news about release 4.0. Another long-awaited feature is released. We improved the menu and you can see all downloaded maps in a separate list. It will be more convenient for you to manage the list of maps - update them and delete unnecessary maps and routing files.