Monday, February 9, 2015


2015 is rushing forward and we can look back at the previous year with pride and gratification. We’ve also gathered some statistics on the app, which surprised us a lot. So we decided to share it with you. 


1. As you might remember, at the very end of 2014 MAPS.ME became free (costed $4.99 before). At that period MAPS.ME community was about 7 million users. Now we’re happy to state that just in 6 weeks MAPS.ME userbase grew twice and became more than 14 million! Thanks for supporting us!

2. In 2014 our users saved 140 TB of traffic, 80TB of roaming traffic included! That means that MAPS.ME users saved over $50 million in roaming (based on average fees for 1 MB of roaming).

3. Last year 11 million maps of different countries were downloaded. 

4. Top 10 locations by number of installs being Russia, the USA, Germany, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, UK, Brazil, Spain, Japan, France. Not surprisingly, people prefer to download maps of neighbour countries. By the way, MAPS.ME is one of the top rated apps in the Travel category in more than 100 countries.


5. OpenStreetMap community where MAPS.ME take maps, has grown exponentially to 1.8 million members for now. That means maps in the app become more detailed and we all get better maps with each passing day.

All these numbers are an excellent proof of your trust to MAPS.ME, therefore we can’t but appreciate this fact and all of your positive emotions that we receive daily via our social pages, emails and reviews on the stores. Thanks so much to all of you, guys!