Thursday, April 16, 2015


Those of you who monitor our progress already know that we have a tradition to escape from the office with the whole team for a week or two. This year is not an exception. We spent the whole last week in a small hotel complex on a river bank.

There were a lot of tasks, but the team is also not as small as it used to be! 22 people occupied 2 hotel zones, one was more quiet, for individual work, the other one was for discussions and different team tasks.

Stuff and other guests looked at us suspiciously, because a crowd with laptops who don’t go to bed neither at midnight, nor at 3 a.m. looks pretty strange. Well, guys could go to sleep any time they wanted, but some of our colleagues can be so passionate about their work that don’t notice time at all. 

General Fatigue appeared on the 3rd day when non-stop discussions finally turned into realisation: marathon of programming and testing. We creeped out for breakfast not so cheerfully, each day later and later. Fewer and fewer people attended evening games and chose to sleep. However, team was inspired, eyes were shining and we were infected with enthusiasm and new ideas.

Considering the fact that our team grew 2 times in a couple of months, new people were the majority. 2 developers haven’t worked with us before the trip even a day. But after a week we got a feeling that we know each other for years.

Last evening we spent in tet-a-tet talks, when every person complimented each of the colleagues and also advised him or her on what could be improved. Even if there were any misunderstandings during the hackathon, Feedback Evening helped us to solve them.

We won’t tell you about the results of this hackathon, because it’s better to show them in a new release, but you bet we’re preparing something interesting!