Friday, April 3, 2015

What's new in 4.3.1?

4.3.1 version of MAPS.ME has been released on Google Play, Samsung Apps and Amazon and you certainly want to know what we’ve added into it. The first feature was the most desired for our users since we released the version with routing. Yeah, this is it: now you can create routes across countries and regions!

The second addition was also often mentioned in your feedback recently. Previously when you opened the POI information you could only see the name, the type of the object, direct distance to it and coordinates of the place. Now you get twice and even three times more! Just take a look and discover more about the places: opening hours, website, phone number, ATM operator, gas station operator, cuisine type and some more.

Don’t forget: if something is missing, you can always add it at, where we take maps from. Help people to learn more about a place you live or visit and they will pay you back.