Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Five years ago, we launched the very first version of MAPS.ME for iOS with shaking hands.  We could never have imagined how popular it would become just in five years.

A great deal has changed since then. The app has become more functional, changed its name, become free, won loads of different awards, while remaining true to its original purpose as a useful tool for navigation at home and abroad.

It wasn’t all plain sailing.  We remember accidentally sending you dozens of notifications in 23 different languages. We’d like to thank all of you who forgave us and persevered :) And the three releases in one day! Android users, that wasn’t the greatest day, right?

Yep, we do make mistakes, but we correct them and learn from them too. Believe us, we feel your pain when something goes wrong with the app!

Five years is just the beginning, but this is not the time to look to the past. What’s waiting ahead?

Good news for all who love their iron horses - we’ve started developing cycling routes.  We are also getting ready to add some features to improve navigation in MAPS.ME.

We’re aware that irregular updates are annoying, so we’re working to provide you with daily map files as soon as possible.

Soon you'll also see some useful updates on travel services included in MAPS.ME.

We are also planning to update our icon. MAPS.ME is an increasingly ‘everyday’ app, not just for travelling, so our new branding will illustrate this.

We really appreciate your support, your praise and your criticism, your complaints and your thanks. We love reading the wonderful and sometimes unbelievable stories where MAPS.ME has become a part of your life. You motivate us to implement new features and to fix bugs, since we can see who we’re doing it for. We get better with your help. Thank you so much for all of the kind feedback you send us – for us it is worth a million dollars.

Five years is just the beginning, and we’re looking forward to the next anniversary to celebrate new achievements with you.