Halloween in New York: creepy places and the best parties in the city
Guides | 24.10.2018
New York is one of the richest cities to go to, in terms of parties, and at Halloween people just go crazy with various celebrations: parades, themed tours and much more. We will tell you about interesting locations in order to get you very scared, and if not, then we'll plunge you into the terrible and horrifying atmosphere of the city, because New York has something to shock and amaze everyone.
1. The Amityville House
Maybe you did not know, but the popular book and the horror film series "Amityville Horror" are based on real events. In the house, terrible events occurred, one of the children of the Defoe family killed all his relatives, and in the testimony he said that voices were controlling him. A very atmospheric place. We advise you before you go to watch the film or to even read the book.
2. Merchant's House Museum
It's not just a mystical house, but also a monument to the design of the interior of 19th century America. That's why, since the Tredwells, the last family who lived here, almost nothing has changed. Some employees believe that spirits of past guests still live in the house. So do not be surprised if you hear strange sounds when you visit.
3. 45th Annual New York Halloween Parade
A large-scale parade takes place every year with about 50,000 people in costumes gathering for it. Musicians, dancers and thousands of New Yorkers gather at 7 pm at 6 Avenue and start a big party. The main thing you need to do is not forget your costume, otherwise you'll only be able to see the action from the side.
4. Halloween parade and pumpkin float in Central Park
The most famous park in New York is participating in the celebration. In addition to the parade, here you can let your pumpkin float on Harlem Meer lake. Come with a pumpkin at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in Central Park and do not forget to show your creativity. For example, not only can you cut out the face of the pumpkin, but you can also put a candle inside or cut something spooky out.
5. A party in the style of Stanley Kubrick's early photos
The Museum of New York transforms the exhibition "Through another lens: Stanley Kubrick" into the melancholic party "Night of Noir. A Kubrick Halloween" in the style of the director's dark photographs, in which black and white New York of the 1940-50's appears in all its reverie. In films, New York always looks somehow special, and if it's also black and white and filmed by a master of atmospheric cinema, you'll get something absolutely incredible. Stanley Kubrick, by the way, started as a photographer and only after became a director
6. A masquerade in the style of the movie Titanic
If you only go to the most exclusive parties of New York, then you will definitely need to be at Pier 40, on the expensive two-level Hornblower Hybrid Yacht on 27th October. Two of the city's best DJs will be playing for you, and during the party you can go to the upper deck and enjoy the night skyline.

Dress code: cocktail attire, only wearing white and a mask. Ticket prices range from $28 to $195. Starts at 21:30 It is better not to be late, because the yacht will leave without you, and you won't be able to get your money back.
7. Ghost Tour of Greenwich village
Greenwich village is one of the scariest places in New York. An hour and a half tour is filled with all the terrible locations you could imagine. For example, The House of Death, where 22 ghosts live. There are many creepy stories. For example, about lawyer Joel Steinberg, who beat his six-year-old daughter to death. All spirits, which is pretty commonplace for horror stories, still live in the house. You will also visit the Brown Building of science, where in 1911, 146 employees of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory company were burned alive, many say that their souls are still in this building.
8. Party at Bronx Zoo "Brew at the zoo
The adult version includes a trek to the zoo on Halloween. As in many bars and clubs you will find competitions for the best costume, the route to the most terrifying places of the zoo, live music and karaoke. Admission costs $80, but the ticket includes the unlimited tasting of several beers.
9. Halloween in the park: The High Line
The famous park, built on a former railway, hosts a big party on 28th October. The programme includes the usual activities: live music, a photo booth, face painting. At first glance, it looks like a usual New York party, but do not forget, the park is located at a height of 10 metres above a pedestrian zone.
10. Madonna Party at Highline Ballroom
Choose your favourite Madonna look and go on 31st October to the Madonnathon Halloween Party at the Highline Ballroom club, where DJs will play the most popular remixes and songs by the singer, and all around there will only be Madonnas, and if you come prepared, you'll fit right in among them.